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  • Comprehensive Plan Update 2018

  • The Comprehensive Plan Update for the City of Forest Park was formally adopted by the Mayor and City Council on November 5, 2018 after review by the Atlanta Regional Commission and the Georgia Department of Community Affairs. The Comprehensive Plan presents the Vision for the city and the supportive long-range policies for land use, housing, transportation, economic development, public facilities, inter-governmental agreements and natural/cultural resources.

  • The plan was developed in collaboration with variety of stakeholders including Elected Officials, the citizens of Forest Park, a Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee, City Staff and a planning team led by the Atlanta Regional Commission

  • Download the adopted plan here:

  • The AeroATL Greenway Plan was developed with input from citizens living within the study area that includes portions of the City of Forest Park and in consultation with the City of Forest Park staff. The adoption of the AeroATL Greenway Plan makes the study area eligible for additional transportation funds; and in turn advances the City of Forest Park commitment to quality of life initiatives through bicycle and pedestrian improvements to connect residents, employees, and visitors to jobs, retail, transit and hospitality establishments.

  • The next step in the process will begin in early 2019 to confirm the model mile segment of the greenway and identify funding. The Model Mile for Forest Park is the Starr Park-Fountain Elementary connection from Forest Parkway to Fountain Elementary. The Lake Drive section will be a two-way cycle track and the West Street section will be a neighborhood greenway (multi-use). See page 170 for the Forest Park program.

  • Download the final draft plan here: 



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    Interim Planning Director 

    James Shelby


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    City of Forest Park   785 Forest Parkway, Forest Park, GA 30297  Phone (404) 608-2300

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