Division Overview


The Code Enforcement Division provides sensitive, courteous, and efficient services designed to ensure a good quality of life for all Forest Park residents and property owners through awareness, education, and enforcement. Code Enforcement exists not to punish individual property owners, but to maintain the greater good of the community by achieving voluntary compliance with adopted codes. The Division relies on our residents in many ways; first to set an example by learning about, and adhering to, the city’s codes and second by contacting us when violations requiring abatement are seen.


The Code Enforcement Division is charged with handling neighborhood preservation, code compliance and nuisance abatement specific to residential and commercial private properties only, such as: clean-up of junk, litter, debris and rubbish; the storage of abandoned, unregistered, and/or inoperable vehicles; weeds and overgrown vegetation; graffiti; and zoning violations including unlawful use of land, illegal or non-conforming structures and illegal signage.  


The Code Enforcement Division is staffed with full-time Officers. The city is divided into geographic areas with a Code Enforcement Officer assigned to specific areas, referred to as "patrol districts" of the city.  Each Code Enforcement Officer responds to and investigates potential code violations in their district. The Division is headed by a supervisor. Generally, the enforcement of codes occurs on both a reactive (complaint from a community source) and a proactive (initiated by the officer) basis.


City of Forest Park   785 Forest Parkway, Forest Park, GA 30297  Phone (404) 608-2300

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