Affiliate Boards

Our department is affiliated with five appointed boards directly affecting our area. We garner the pertinent information, documents, plans, etc., from petitioners, contractors, and owners and provide copies to the respective Boards. We publish legal ads and public notification of such hearings and we are responsible for retaining the records in our office. We also provide technical assistance as needed and attend all Board meetings. The five boards are as follows:


 Architectural Design Review Board


This Board has five (5) members who each serve a three year term. The board reviews all proposed development in the Main Street Overlay District on an individual basis to ensure that the Main Street Design Guidelines for site configuration, landscaping, streetscape, pedestrian and vehicle access, sidewalks, street trees, building facade, color scheme, etc. are met. This is to ensure that the general aesthetics and architectural characteristics of the proposed project are harmonious to the surrounding area in keeping with the Main Street District Redevelopment theme. The ADRB ensures that new construction and renovation contributes to a sense of place, a lively pedestrian environment, and a high quality small-town destination.

Board Members: Stephen Busch, Ron Dodson,Yahya Hassan, and Rodney Givens.

Construction and Appeals Board


This Board has five (5) members. The primary function of this Board is to arbitrate disputes or interpretations of the various technical codes or ordinances pertaining to property deficiencies, residential, and commercial between the Building Official and property owner and contractor prior to court actions. This particular board although a very important instrument in the scope of due process has historically met only once. This is due to the fact that this department systematically accomplishes objectives by the book following regulations to the letter. Board Members appointed as needed.


International Property Maintenance Code Board of Appeals


This Board has three (3) members who serve a four year term. Their primary function is to arbitrate disputes or interpretations of the International Property Maintenance Code between the Code Compliance Officer and property owner.  

Board Members: Christopher Jones, Craig Mims and Eddie Robinson


Planning and Zoning Board


This Board has five (5) members who serve a four year term. Their primary function is to recommend to the governing body to approve or disapprove based on their findings after review and consideration of the following:


  • New ordinances pertaining to zoning

  • Sub-divisions, commercial and residential property

  • Zoning or rezoning of parcels of property

  • Conditional uses in various zones such as commercial activity in a residential zone or a day care facility in a residential zone

Board Members: Janice Colvin, Ray Goodman, Darnell Moorer, Deverick Williams and Don Wright


Planning and Zoning Appeals Board


This Board has five (5) members. Their primary function is to consider and render decisions that relax certain standards or requirements of the zoning ordinance based on site configuration and other unusual circumstances. Such as variances to front, side, rear yard and building setbacks.


Board Members: Michael Clinkscales, Andy Porter, and Azfar Haque.

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