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Animal Control FAQs



Q.  Does Animal Control investigate animal bites?


A.  Animal Control will come out and investigate/follow up on any animal bite that occurred within the city.



Q. Does Animal Control investigate loose or stray dogs?


A. Animal Control will come out and investigate any loose dog/running at large.  Note: it will help if the dog is contained within a fence or closed area. If an Animal Control Officer is not on duty and the dog appears to be aggressive, contact the Police Department so a police officer may respond to the scene.



Q. Can I make a complaint about a barking dog?


A. Animal Control will conduct an investigation or follow up on any barking dog complaint and issue a warning to the offender (If located). We will only issue a citation if there is a complainant willing to come to court and testify concerning the violation.



Q. Does Animal Control set live traps?


A. Animal Control will come out and set a Live Trap on private property for domestic cats and dogs only if the property owner/renter signs a live trap agreement and agrees to be responsible for the live trap while on the property.


Animal Control will not set traps on commercial properties (apartment complexes) but will assist the property manager in removing domestic animals from the property.


Animal Control will not set live traps in crawl spaces or attics and will not rescue cats out of trees or rooftops.



Q. Does Animal Control pick up dead animals?


A. Animal Control will not pick up dead animals, but will respond on sick or injured animals. If the dead animal is on a private property, it is the property owner’s responsibility.



Q. Do I have to have a pet license?


A. No, there is no pet licensing in Forest Park. However, all dogs and cats must have current rabies vaccinations and must display a current rabies tag at all times. Rabies tags are obtained from the veterinarian’s office where the vaccination is given. 


Animal Control does not conduct any veterinary services, such as Rabies Inoculation, or treatment of a sick or injured animal, but can assist in giving information on local veterinary clinics.



Q. What should I do if my dog gets lost?


A. We recommend that you contact Clayton County Animal Control at (770) 477-3509 and determine if the dog has been brought in first. If not, we can take a detailed lost report that we can use to identify the dog if it is reported to us later.