Building Permits 


When do I need a building permit?


You may need to get a building permit if you are planning any of the following:

  • Build a new commercial building, residential home, shed or structure

  • Build an addition to a commercial building, residential home, shed or structure

  • Repair, renovate or demolish any building or structure

  • Changes or additions to a building’s existing systems

  • Change the use and/or occupancy of a building

  • Change, remove or install any required means of egress (exits / stairs) in a building


Individual building permits might be required for the following types of work:


Before you begin any major home improvement or other building projects, it is wise to first contact the Department of Planning, Building and Zoning to see what, if any, permits you may need.


Obtaining the permit is just the first step in the process. In this step, you may need to create plans to submit to the department, make a plot plan for your property showing the improvements, and show the type of construction you'll be using. Once plans are approved, a permit is issued and you're required to build the project to those plans. During construction, a building inspector will check major phases of construction to completion.



Click HERE for the Building Permit flow chart.

Trade Permit Applications

Plan Review Sheet

Why do I need a Permit?

The City of Forest Park requires permits to ensure safe building, coordinated development, effective land use, and high-quality site planning. This is designed to ensure that all construction in the city is safe. The safety of the occupants of buildings is the primary reason for having building codes.

Change of Occupancy

Swimming Pools

Residential Basement Finish

Additions to Single Family Dwellings

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