Environmental Court


This Division of the City of Forest Park Municipal Court was enacted in 1995. The Court is designed to fairly, equitably, and expeditiously adjudicate cases concerning environmental issues, ordinance violations, zoning compliance, property maintenance, and housing code violations. This court is streamlined in its areas of responsibility to deal with ordinance violations, environmental in nature and excludes criminal cases. 


Environmental Courtroom Rules


No cellular phones, pagers, beepers, or other noise-making devices are allowed in the courtroom. No food or drink is allowed in the courtroom. All people are to be properly dressed. Shorts, tank tops, hats, mini-skirts, halter tops, and other similar apparel are not allowed in the courtroom. There will be no talking in the courtroom by persons not before the court while court is being conducted.


Environmental Court Dates


Click HERE for the list of court dates.


Environmental Court Payments:

Please access the following link and follow the instructions to make payments for environmental court citations online.  If you are required to appear in court, a message will be displayed indicating that the citation cannot be paid online.



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