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Welcome to Forest Park!


Whether you have been in Forest Park for many years or are just getting started, and whether your business is physically located here or not, Forest Park appreciates your business. Your contribution to the economic and social health of the community is definitely appreciated. So, welcome- we’re glad you’re here!


All businesses operating within the city limits of Forest Park are required to have an Occupational Tax Certificate (also referred to as a “Business License”). The City of Forest Park’s Business Tax Division will assist you in making sure that your business complies with all applicable City Ordinances.


Businesses will be subject to occupational taxes based upon taxable gross revenue. You are urged to contact our office by phone, e-mail, fax or mail if you have questions concerning a new or existing Business Tax Account. Application processing hours: Monday- Friday, 8:00AM until 5:00PM.


There is an annual seventy-five ($75.00) Administrative fee (Non-refundable) for each new Occupational Tax Application. Applicants shall provide an estimate of their gross receipts and number of employees for the rest of the year. The estimate will be changed to actual figures when renewed for the following year. Click here for a new commercial Business License Packet. Access to view your Business License Application Status is available at Some businesses may need to obtain permits from the Clayton County Health Department or Georgia Department of Agriculture. The Planning, Building and Zoning Department will also review signage and building permit issues. If additional information regarding resources is needed to start a business, we recommend individuals to contact the Small Business Development Center located at 2000 Clayton State Blvd, Morrow, Georgia 30260.


Business License Payments: 

Please access the following link and follow the instructions to make business license payments online. For additional information, please call Rhonda Whitehead at 404-366-4720, ext 340



If your proposed new business is in a residence, please fill out the Home Based Business Application.


If your business is EXEMPT from paying Occupational Taxes due to non-profit status or multiple sites paying occupation tax to another jurisdiction, please fill out the Exemption Application


To close out your Occupational Tax Certification, please complete the Business Closure Form, and submit it via mail, email, fax or in-person.