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2005-2025 Comprehensive Plan 

Plan Updates: 2010 

Short-Term Work Program Goals 

Future Land Use Map 

Main Street Design Guidelines 

Planning Commission Meeting Calendar


Comprehensive Planning


A comprehensive plan is required for municipalities and counties in Georgia pursuant to the Georgia Planning Act of 1989, in order to maintain their Qualified Local Government Status. This plan is updated periodically to establish both a long and short-term plan of action to address changing goals and community concerns. View the Comprehensive Plan.





Does your property lie contiguous with the City of Forest Park? Interested in incorporating your property into the City? Contact the Planning, Building and Zoning Department to inquire about the eligibility of your property to become annexed and discuss the benefits of annexation.


Planning Projects 


The City of Forest Park is in the process of drafting a 5-year update to the 2005-2025 Comprehensive Plan. 



City of Forest Park   785 Forest Parkway, Forest Park, GA 30297  Phone (404) 608-2300

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