Planning & Zoning


Land use and planning policies adopted by the Mayor and Council have been designed to preserve and protect the City’s residential neighborhoods and enhance commercial thoroughfares.



Zoning restrictions have been in effective in Forest Park since 1959. Comprehensive Land Use was introduced by the Planning Commission and later approved by the Mayor and City Council. This plan was designed to guide zoning decisions, and serve as a roadmap for future land use and development goals for the City.  The comprehensive plan is updated to address changing conditions and reflect community goals.

Current, short and long term planning goals are set in the Comprehensive Plan to address the needs of residents and businesses. Recommendation is made to various boards, councils, and commissions on the implementation of planning policies which help to shape growth and improve quality of life.  


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The established Zoning Map districts are used in conjunction with the city Zoning Ordinance to guide Land-Use in the City of Forest Park                                                                                                                               

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