Quality of Life Program Initiative

The Quality of Life (QoL) Program is an initiative created and implemented by the Forest Park Planning, Building & Zoning Department to address concerns which may exist among residential property owners such as:


  • Decreases in property values and increased crime due to the decline in occupancy and property/housing upkeep

  • Lack of awareness regarding the applicable City codes that pertain to their property

  • Lack of adequate finances required to make housing and/or property changes


The QoL program is dedicated to preserving and improving the quality of life, housing, and neighborhoods within the HUD eligible Low Income Limit (LIL) communities within Forest Park.


QoL Program Objectives:


  • Help maintain property values and create a sense of community

  • Educate City residents, property owners, and business owners, etc. about City Codes

  • Consult with residents to discuss property maintenance issues to reduce code violations

  • Educate residents about resources available to assist them with housing/property repair or discuss some other solution to current violations

  • Follow-up with residents on current violations and encourage feedback on the QoL program


Additionally, a Neighborhood Stabilization Officer (NSO) position has been created via the Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program to aid in the implementation of the Quality of Life Program facilitated by the Planning, Building, & Zoning Department.  The NSO process consists of the following measures:


  • Identify properties that have housing/property violations in Low Income Limit communities, whether the property be vacant or occupied

  • Educate the public on City Codes that apply to their property by:

    • Providing information about public/private resources to assist with repair or provide a resolution to violation(s) [meeting certain eligibility]

    • Identifying what are the community’s needs and finding ways to meet those needs through a public involvement process

  • Be a liason between the public and the local Housing Authority of Clayton County and other agencies for applicable housing initiatives

  • Assist the Clayton County/Forest Park Land Bank in the identification, acquisition and disposition of HUD eligible LIL properties

  • City staff follow-up via mail notification & meetings




Resources to address the needs of your home can be found by using the following Quality of Life Resource Guide.

Clayton County Landfill

May code violations occur because property owners and tenants are not aware of the vast resources available to them for the proper disposal of their waste and discarded tires, furniture, and/or appliances. This leads to owners and tenants improperly storing their discarded items in their yards creating an eyesore for neighbors and visitors. The Clayton County Landfill can be a great resource for residents who need to discard of large items their normal waste management does not pick up.

The Clayton County Landfill will accept:

  • Up to five (5) tires per person per day at a rate of $2.00 per tire (additional fees may apply)

  • All household waste, household appliances, furnishings, and commercial waste

  • All yard waste including tree stumps, tree limbs, and leaves


For more information on the Clayton County Landfill visit the following link. Click Here.

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