Many citizens may not be sure what a code violation is, what to do if they suspect a code violation or how to report a possible code violation.


A couple of options exist for reporting a Code Violation:


• During regular business hours, you may call the Planning, Building and Zoning Department at


• Submit an online request using the service request feature to report a variety of issues, including   code violations.      


For a complete list of reporting options, please use this link:  24 Hour Online Service Request 


How do I know a code violation exists?


There are many types of violations, too numerous to list here. Some common violations are described below. Please keep in mind the differences between personal opinions and code violations. In order for a code violation to exist, there must be a definite violation of Forest Park codes.

Common Code Violations


• Presence of junk, rubbish, and debris on private property if visible from the public right-of-way. 

• Presence of discarded or stored furniture, car parts, appliances or other visual nuisances. 

• Zoning requirement violations for structures and land use requirements, including the use of the structure, location (setbacks), configuration and size. 

• Inoperable, unregistered or abandoned vehicles on private property and parking violations on unimproved surfaces. Unimproved surfaces include: grass, dirt, gravel and plywood. 

• Weeds and overgrown grass/vegetation (over six inches). 

• Substandard housing conditions, including lack of utilities. 


Issues that are NOT code violations:


• Most conditions not visible from the street, sidewalk, or other public right-of-ways 

• Civil disputes between private parties 

• Evictions 

• Personal grievances 


In addition, actual "criminal" actions do not fall under the jurisdiction of Code Enforcement, and should be reported to the Police Department accordingly.  For non-emergency police service, call (404) 608-4141. For police emergencies, please dial 911.


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