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Forest Park Zoning Ordinance 

Zoning Map

Zoning Verification Request

Zoning Classification 

Application for a Variance 




Land use and planning policies adopted by the Mayor and Council have been designed to preserve and protect the City’s residential neighborhoods and enhance commercial thoroughfares.


Zoning restrictions have been in effect in Forest Park since 1959. Comprehensive Land Use was introduced by the Planning Commission and later approved by the Mayor and City Council. This plan was designed to guide zoning decisions, and serve as a roadmap for future land use and development goals for the City.  The comprehensive plan is updated to address changing conditions and reflect community goals.


Forest Park Zoning Ordinance


The City of Forest Park is sub-divided into land use districts, which regulate the use of property, type of development, and the amount of development that can occur within a given zoning district. These land use districts are described in the City’s Comprehensive Land Use Plan and Zoning Map. The City Zoning Ordinance includes the development standards for each of these zoning classifications.

Requesting a Change to the Zoning Ordinance (Rezoning)


Requests for a change to the City Zoning Map must be considered at public hearings by the City of Forest Park Planning Commission, and approved by the Mayor and City Council. Contact the Planning, Building, and Zoning Department to obtain and submit a Rezoning Application.


Zoning Verification


In order to determine if the proposed use of a property is allowed, please submit a Zoning Verification Request to the office of Planning, Building and Zoning. Likewise if you are only interested in obtaining the official zoning of a property, please submit a Zoning Classification Request.



Requesting a Variance from the Zoning Ordinance


Variances allow exceptions to the zoning requirements that regulate land use and development. Requests for a variance from the zoning ordinance are filed with the Planning, Building and Zoning Department and shall be subject to approval by the Board of Zoning Appeals.


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